Supervisor of Interconnection—Todd Weaver

Chief Stationary Engineer—John Reynolds

Vineland Municipal Electric Utility owns and operates three (3) generating units.  VMEU’s peak load is 164.1 MW and is currently capable of generating 142 MW.

The last few years have seen a decided move towards renewable power generation throughout the city.  The first utility grade project to be completed was Vineland Solar One, a 4 MW solar field located on sewerage authority property which has been in operation since the summer of 2009.  Since then, VMEU has contracted for four (4) more solar projects throughout the city bringing the grand total to 16 MW of renewable power under contract which saves over $1.2 million annually in capacity, energy, and transmission costs.  These utility solar projects are in addition to almost 18 MW of customer behind the meter and grid solar projects within the city.

VMEU’s core value is to keep the Electric Utility city owned maintaining the utility jobs and economic stimulus provided by the utility to the community.

VMEU will continue to invest in standardized efficient peaking gas turbine generating units to replace existing aging units and to keep pace with load growth.

Photo of the Howard M. Down station during the evening

Photo inside the Howard M. Down station

Vineland Municipal Utilities

Electric Generation Division

211 N. West Avenue P.O. Box 1508

Vineland, NJ 08362-1508

(856) 794-4230


Photo of the VMEU Sign on the Howard M. Down station

Vineland Solar One