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Preauthorized Payment Plan
Text Box: Vineland Municipal Utilities now offers an easier way to pay your monthly utility bill automatically through a Preauthorized Payment Plan.  The Preauthorized Payment Plan offers the following:
Automatically deducts your utility bill from your checking account.
Saves time and cost of writing checks each month.
Assures timely payment of your utility bills each month, even when you are away from home.
Saves postage expense.
Prevents additional charges for late payment if you should forget to pay your bill before the due date.
Assures continuation of electric and water service.
Prevents waiting in line.
To begin using the Preauthorized Payment Plan option, fill out the form on the back and enclose it with a voided check and mail to: Vineland Municipal Utilities, Preauthorized Payment Plan, 640 E. Wood Street, P.O. Box 1508, Vineland, NJ 08362-1508.  Please make certain the check you send with your payment is the account from which you wish to have future utility payments made.  If you have more than one utility account for which you desire this service, please advise us of each utility account number involved.

Due to banking rules and regulations and our own procedures, it will take approximately  two months to make the transition from manual pay to the Preauthorized Payment Plan.  To confirm the transition is complete, a message will appear on your monthly utility bill.  The message will inform you that the amount of your bill will be charged to your account on the scheduled due date.  This will enable you to register the amount in your checkbook.

For inquiries regarding our Preauthorized Payment Plan or

participation conditions for this payment option,†

please contact our Customer Service Division at

(856) 794-4021 or e-mail your inquiries to:

customerservice@ vinelandcity.org

IMPORTANTó Please read the Participation Conditions before applying.

Please click† below:

Text Box: Participation Conditions