Medical Alert Application


If you or someone who lives with you is dependent on electrically operated life-support equipment, you may apply for special consideration in case of interruption of service.  If you provide us with a statement from your doctor and the company supplying the equipment, you will be given priority in the service restoration.  We cannot guarantee uninterrupted service, nor can we always predict how long an outage will last, but we will make every attempt to restore service as soon as possible.  Please print and fill out the medical alert form below, and fax it or bring it to our Customer Service Department along with a statement from your doctor and the company supplying the equipment.


If approved, Medical Alert will remain active on your account for one (1) year.  At that time, if it still applies, please submit a new medical application for consideration.  For more information call (856) 794-4021.


Medical Alert Application Form


Pre-Authorized Payment Plan


Vineland Municipal Electric Utility now offers an easier and more convenient way to pay your monthly utility bill automatically through a pre-authorized payment plan.  This payment option will allow VMEU to deduct your utility bill amount automatically from your checking account on a monthly basis.


Pre-Authorized Payment Plan Form


Penalty Exemption


Eligible applicants for this program will have the late penalty charge waived on Electric and Water Utility bills.


Penalty Charge Exemption Application


Third Party Notification


Vineland Municipal Utilities is engaged in a program called Third Party Notification.  This program notifies property owners, or other concerned parties, of the possibility of discontinuance of service due to non-payment of past-due utility bills.  This program is especially beneficial to the elderly who, through no fault of their own, may forget to pay their bills.


Third Party Application Form




Vineland Municipal Utilities

Customer Service/Billing Dept.

(856) 794-4021