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Availability. The Heat Pump Rebate Program is available to all customers of the Electric Utility, regardless of rate class.




1. Customer must install a new electric high-efficiency air-source or ground-source heat pump that has been certified by ARI (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute).


2. Installation of geothermal heat pump systems must be done by a qualified HVAC contractor listed on the Eastern Heating and Cooling Council's preferred contractors list.


3. Heat pump equipment using electric strip heat as a backup must have said backup heat staged, with a minimum of two stages. Where an existing central air-conditioning system is coupled with fossil fuel heat, replacement of the central air conditioner with an electric heat pump will be eligible for the program where the fossil fuel heat functions as a backup to the electric heat pump system. The backup heat switch point shall be no higher than 28 F. outside air temperature.


4. Rebates will be available to qualifying customers depending on the equipment size and efficiency ratings. Rebates for customers on the WLP rate will be 50% of those listed for rates R and GLP.


5. Minimum insulation standards must be in accordance with the City of Vineland Electric Utility guidelines.


Rebate schedule.


1. Rebates are limited to the first 75 tons of installed capacity the first fiscal year, which ends June 30, 1995; and 200 tons per fiscal year thereafter.


2. If installed capacity exceeds 75 tons the first fiscal year, the capacity that exceeds the first 75 tons will receive rebates the following budget year.


3. All rebates are on a per-ton basis. The heat pump rebate schedule is as follows:










How to apply for and receive rebate.


1. Contact the Customer Service Office of the Electric Utility to receive a preferred contractors list.


2. Contact a qualified HVAC contractor to receive an application form.


3. Select and install the equipment and have the contractor complete the rebate form.


4. Send the application form, signed by the contractor and the customer, to the City of Vineland Electric Utility Customer Service.


5. Rebate check will be issued upon completion of inspection.


6. Rebates are limited to one per customer at each property.




1. Final inspection of installation and equipment must be made by Electric Utility personnel or designated outside contractor in order to receive the rebate.


2. Equipment must be ARI certified and meet the requirements in Subsection B(3) above at time of final inspection to obtain the rebate.


3. The City reserves the right to inspect said equipment with proper notice to ensure the validity of the claims made on the rebate application.

Seer Rating

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14 to 15.99

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20 or more